Page 413 : Neurotransmitters

what condition causes an increase in Norepinephrine, and what conditions causes a decrease in Norepinephrine
Norepinephrine causes an increase in anexiety and decrease in depression

what is the location of Norepinephrine synthesis ? Norepinephrine is synthesized from locus cereleus which is in the Pons

what is the physiological response of locus cereleus? The physiological response of locus cereleus is in stress and panic

What conditions cause a increase in Dopamine? Increase in Dopamine happens in schizophrenia

What conditions cause a decrease in Dopamine? Dopamine is decreased in Pakinson’s and in Depression

What is the location of Dopamine Synthesis? Dopamine Synthesis occurs in the ventral tegmentum and in the substantia nigra which is in the midbrain

What are some of the conditions which lead to decrease in serotonin? Also know as (5HT) . decrease in Serotonin happens in anexiety and in depression

What is the location of serotonin synthesis ? serotonin synthesis occurs in the Raphe nucleus of the pons

What conditions causes and increase in Acetyl choline? A.Ch is increased in REM sleep

What conditions lead to a decrease in A.Ch? A.Ch is decreased in Alzheimer’s and in Huntington’s

What is the location of acetyl choline synthesis ? A.Ch is synthesized at the basal nucleus of Mynert

What are some of the conditions that lead to decreased release of GABA? Decrease in GABA occurs in anexiety and in Huntington’s

What’s the location of GABA synthesis? GABA is synthesized from the nucleus Accumbans

What’s the physiological response of Nucleus Accumbans and Septal nucleus?  Nucleus Accumbans and Septal nucleus are parts of the pleasure centers, plays an important role in reward, pleasure, addiction and fear


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