Lineweaver Burk Plot


Page 226: Lineweaver Burk Plot

What is Lineweaver Burk Plot? Lineweaver Burk Plot is a plot that collides useful graphical methods for analysis of Michaelis Menten equation.

Describe what’s happening in the picture of Lineweaver Burk Plot? In the picture you see 1 over the concentration of the substrate on the X axis. On the Y axis you see 1 over the velocity.

On the Y axis you see inverse of Vmax, and on the X axis you see inverse of negative Km. you also see on the slope of it Km/Vmax.

What happens to Vmax of you increase Y intercept? If you increase the Y intercept it decreases the Vmax.

What happens if Km moves to the right? If Km moves to the right there will be a decrease in affinity, as we know that the higher the Km the lower the affinity.



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