Heart Murmurs – Aortic Stenosis


Page 259: Aortic Stenosis

Describe the murmur caused by Aortic Stenosis? Aortic stenosis causes a Crecendo-Decrecendo Systolic ejection murmur that happens after an ejection click. Ejection click is something that happens due to abrupt halting of the valve leaflets.

What does crescendo-decrecendo mean? Crecendo means loud sound, or something increasing in intensity. Decrecendo means decreasing intensity or softer sound. So basically it’s loud-to-soft sound, and this happens in the fashion that it’s first increasing followed by a decrease in the intensity. So that’s why this murmur is referred to as Crecendo-Decrecendo Systolic ejection murmur.

One thing to note about aortic stenosis is that the left ventricle is gonna have a much higher pressure than Aorta is going to, the reason for this is that the left ventricle must work much harder in order to get the volume out against the stenosed Aortic valve.

What is Pulsus Pravus et Tardus that happens in Aortic stenosis? Pulsus Pravus et Tardus means that pulse is weak with delayed peak, this happens in Aortic stenosis. The reson for this is that the ventricles of the heart are working hard and there’s much higher pressure there, so the heart beats are much loud. But then when you feel the pulse there it feels weak because there’s not that much blood that’s going through the Aorta. Therefore the pulse is much weaker that the sound of the heart itself.

What are some of the symptoms that can arise from Aortic Stenosis? Aortic stenosis can lead to syncope which is fainting, angina and dyspnea on excretion.

What is the mnemonic to help you remember the symptoms caused by Aortic stenosis? SAD: S: for Syncope, A: for Angina & D: for Dyspne on excertion.

What are some of the conditions that can lead to Aortic stenosis? Aortic stenosis can happens due to age related calcifications that happen at the aortic valve, or bicuspid Aortic valve can lead to Aortic stenosis.



Heart Murmurs - Aortic Stenosis


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